Why We Fail
1. Our Righteousness Can’t Do It
2. Imprisoned for Mercy
3. Imputed Righteousness
4. How I Lost My Devotional
    Life or If It Ain’t Broke,
    Don’t Fix It
5. Legalism Arouses Sinful Passions
6. Satisfied with Jesus

Making Grace Work for You
7. What Is Grace?
8. Determining the Actual Source
    of Teaching
9. Feelings of Perishing
10. Daily Filling
11. What Is Forgiveness?

Finding Acceptance
12. Working Definitions for
      Justification and Sanctification
13. The Up-and-Outer vs. the
14. Pharisees
15. Grace and Truth
16. Antinomian Accusations

Self-Disclosure and God
17. Sinless Perfection
18. Be Yourself with God
19. Transparency
20. Five and Five
21. Guilt-Free Living: Part 1
22. Guilt-Free Living: Part 2
23. Guilt-Free Living: Part 3
24. Coming to Jesus with Mixed
25. Transformation in Motives
26. Inferior Motives: Fear of
      Punishment and Desire for Reward
27. Fixing Unbelief

Can We Fix Ourselves?
28. Sanctification Does Not Cause
29. Fixing Your Flesh? Part 1
30. Fixing Your Flesh? Part 2
31. Fixing Your Flesh? Part 3
32. If My Old Man Is Dead, Why Is He
      Making So Much Noise?
33. Suicide by Crucifixion?
34. Spiritual Hypochondria

Toward Recovery
35. Repentance Is a Gift: Part 1
36. Repentance Is a Gift: Part 2
37. Repentance Is a Gift: Part 3
38. The Holy Spirit
39. The Holy Spirit Works through
40. Prophetic Hunger
41. Worshippers or Workers?
42. The Fruit of the Spirit in an
      Environment for Growth
43. Tiny Faith, Enormous Results

44. Defending Ourselves: Part 1
45. Defending Ourselves: Part 2
46. Defending Ourselves: Part 3
47. When You Sin, Run to Me

Breaking Out of Legalism
48. Legalism or Faith?
49. Legalism: Becoming like the
      Most High
50. There Is Nothing New in the
      New Age Deception
51. Obedience Is Better than Sacrifice
52. Conviction vs. Condemnation
53. No Shotgun Wedding
54. Clay Pots
55. Majoring in the Majors

Approaching the Law
with Grace

56. The Law Is Mercy
57. Why the Father Doesn’t Always
      Explain Why
58. The Law as a Diagnostician


Jesus plus Nothing
59. “If”
60. “In”
61. “Abide”
62. Who Is Jesus?
63. How to Let Jesus Be
      Your Righteousness
64. The Bathtub Revival
65. Pray Effectively
66. Pray Boldly
67. “Lord, If You Loved Me You Would. . .”
68. The Father Loves You As Much
      As He Loves Jesus
69. “If... Then” or “Yea and Amen”
70. Jesus Himself Is the Armor of God

Confident Living
71. The Security of the Believer
72. How Grace Works: The Worst
      Possible Scenario
73. Laughter: An Ultimate Weapon

Radical Forgiveness
74. How You Can Be Smarter than
      the Devil
75. Forgiving Others
76. The Forgiveness of Sally
77. Still Having Trouble Forgiving?
78. Reconciliation and Restitution

Correction without Rejection
79. The Suffering Approach to
      Spiritual Maturity
80. How God Our Father Disciplines Us
81. You Can’t Drive Your Car to Hawaii
82. Count the I’s
83. You Can’t Have It Both Ways—Or
      Can You?
84. Hand in Hand, Not Hand in Glove
85. Naturally Supernatural
86. Faith without Works Is Dead

Redeeming Your Emotions
87. Self-Talk
88. Emotions
89. A Word of Balance on Emotions

Stumbling Blocks to Grace

90. Significant Friendships and
91. I Shall Not Want
92. Deeds Worthy of Death

The Grace Commission
93. Motives for Evangelism
94. Blasting
95. Eternal Hell Exists Because
      God Is Good
96. God’s Marines
97. Mobilizing the Unworthy

Seeing Him Changes You
98. What Is Your Concept of God?
99. Avoiding Failure or Seeking
100. He Alone Is Omnipresent
101. His Knowledge Is Infinite
102. Only He Is Self-Existent
103. Don’t Sweat It
104. What Can You Learn from the
        Size of Your Bible?
105. How to Get into the Bible
106. Join the Body of Christ
107. Scars

God-based Character
108. Calvary Has No Rivals
109. Calling Sin Sin
110. The Fundamentals
111. Preaching Perfection vs.
       Preaching Redemption
112. Risk Taker
113. Grace: The Tender Trap
114. Where Do I Go from Here?

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