About the Author

   The years before Jeff turned his life over to Christ were chaotic, characterized by a mix of very destructive behaviors side-by-side with significant positive achievements. Then, after coming to Christ, legalism (performance-based acceptance) set in, inevitably leading to spiritual pride; then came failure, then anger, then hopelessness; greater chaos than ever before!

   Jeff lived some very dark years in that condition, with no light at the end of the tunnel, until the Lord Himself intervened through many clear and simple Bible passages, showing him how the power of Grace plus Nothing in Jesus Christ produces exactly what God wants.

   It wasnít long before Jeff began to share this Good News with others. His life and work exemplify the extreme danger of legalism and the saving power of Godís grace. For forty years Jeff has served as a church planter, evangelist, pastor, conference speaker, and author, always relying primarily on the power of the message of the Cross itself to produce church growth and spiritual maturity. (This is the acceptance-based performance which is taught so clearly in the Gospel.) Jeff has also worked with others developing Christ-centered recovery ministries. In all of these endeavors he has seen lots of amazing success and also some heart-breaking failure. There are those who say itís not wise to reveal our failures, but Jeff does it: #1, Authenticity demands this. And #2, our God-given potential for success is stifled until Godís Grace liberates us from our fear of failure.

   Jeff is the father of three and the proud grandfather of one (so far). He sees no retirement in his future as long as the Lord continues to bless and anoint what heís doing. He loves seeing the looks on peopleís faces and the joy that literally explodes in their lives as the Lord reveals this applied Grace to them.


I have a thirst for God, but am plagued by unbelief. Jeff Harkin's book, "Grace plus Nothing," helped me to understand that God has no preconditions - the Cross covers all human conditions - even unbelief. This crucial insight allows me to have an intimate, honest, and sustaining relationship with God. If imperfect faith or anything else stands between you and God, this book will be of immense value to you.

~ Kenneth E. Gilbert, Ph.D., Research Professor of Physics, University of Mississippi